A small retreat-centre in the foothills of the Pyrenees alongside the ancient forests of the Ariège

For over 10 years now we have been receiving client-guests who come to experience the unique blend of our 'counselling of mindfulness and nature' and an ambience of peaceful tranquillity for reflection and personal growth

Living to the rhythm of nature in a setting which offers privacy and companionship, you can sit or walk, read or write, play music or meditate, following your own path of reflection and contemplation, held and guided when you wish, sustained in body and spirit

... counselling, retreats, workshops, mindfulness, meditation, for individuals, couples and groups


For counselling or supervision online telephone in-house, or for individual and group retreats
from UK tel 0844 232 4341 (3p per minute)
in France tel  05 61 01 52 08 
or email : simon.cole.france@icloud.com
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