Our guests have come from all walks of life, women and men, from twenties to sixties.  Each person’s reason for coming is individual.

We are sometimes asked, by guests who wish to leave comments which we can publish, but also by people enquiring who want reassurance, whether reviews by previous clients are made available.  We appreciate the leap of faith which is necessary to come to a place like this which you only know as a few pages on a website; but we also have to offer our guests the assurance that neither their reason for coming, nor even the fact that they had been here would ever be made known.

So we never solicit comments from guests and there is no visitors’ book.  But we still get feedback, in the form of letters, cards or email.  Mostly people talk about balance and a sense of calm, but here are some very short extracts from what a range of guests have reflected about aspects of their stay here.

About the atmosphere of the centre someone said:  “First of all, it was an extraordinary experience… the room was very relaxing and comfortable, there was so much space everywhere and the garden is idyllic.”, and another:  “Thank you for the wonderful hospitality… the food (so much and so tasty!), your warmth, the space to do what’s needed, your counsel and acceptance…”

Of the process it has been said:  “It was for me a truly transformative time, in body and soul. I loved the novels and the poetry, the insights of the therapy, the wonderful food and the silence of the forest.”, and “… thank you for long walks and talks and helping me to find balance and a sense of calm.”

And reflecting after her return home, one guest said:  “I am so glad I found you… I am happier than I have been for years”, another:  “after returning home… people could not believe how relaxed I was after just a short time away.”  And another:  "Thank you both so much for creating such a warm & caring environment throughout my stay & for the professional & thoughtful support. Not to mention the absolutely wonderful food ..........! All were appreciated more than I can express."

We hope this is helpful.


For counselling or supervision online telephone in-house, or for individual and group retreats
from UK tel 0844 232 4341 (3p per minute)
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