IMG_2430Simon Cole:  "I am a senior-accredited practitioner, a professional member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and have worked in counselling and therapy for over 30 years.  I trained at Newcastle University and the College of Ripon & York St John (Leeds University), being awarded a Masters in Counselling with distinction.  I also studied transactional analysis for a year, and relationship counselling with Joseph Zinker.

"As well as working with the Samaritans, I have worked professionally as a counsellor, in drug and alcohol intervention services, primary and secondary care in the NHS, as a course director for counselling diplomas and have maintained a regular private caseload of counselling and supervision.
"I practise meditation and I have a personal and professional interest in the integration of the mindfulness and meditation, with the sense of presence in relationship expounded by Martin Buber... the possibility of these providing a channel of spirituality in all of us."
"Coming to France, we wanted to create a place for therapeutic rest and change, grounded in the insights of Carl Rogers and echoing the philosophy of RD Laing.  I believe that we have achieved that here."

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IMG_1473Janet Cole:  I was a teacher since the advent of comprehensive education and it was - still is - something I believe passionately in. My maxim was from one of my first tutors dont stand there talking about something when the student can be doing it!  It stood me in good stead for 35 years. One important thing I learnt early on is that we all learn by teaching.  My philosophy has always been to say 'yes' and accept any challenge or opportunity offered.  I started teaching physics and ended up as Head of ICT and responsible for the schools Learning Resources Centre, which was appropriate because I have always loved reading and books.

"Here I enjoy working in the garden - it will never be tidy but it is a wonderful haven for our guests as well as the bees, butterflies, birds, squirrels and bats. Since we have been here I have been developing my herb garden a must for a lot of the dishes I cook, all based on locally sourced products.
"Its good to be able to provide the right kind of surroundings for guests to feel at home in and I enjoy cooking for people:  our meals times are an important part of the day, a time to relax and share our different experiences.

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