Online mindfulness meditation retreat-Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

online retreat
musicking mindfulness & meditation
(no previous musical experience or interest needed)

In response to the travel difficulties and caution imposed by the pandemic, as well as being aware that taking time out for a full residential retreat is simply not something that a lot of people can consider, we are now offering an online retreat in which we seek to provide a range of learning and experience which is as close as possible to a stay at Le Sentier Tranquille. You will even be invited each evening to join in using a new starter or dessert recipe specially devised by Janet for you to prepare and eat in your own home.

clock-884600_1280_FotorThere are separate retreats for Europe, the Americas and Australasia, in order that times of day can roughly follow the pattern we use at our Centre and so that the main sessions can be shared by all the participants (up to 10) to give the feel of a group gathering.  Microphones and videos can be on throughout, so that we share the experience of being in the same space.  We use Google Meet and you will be sent the link for each session as we go through, with no need to pre-load any software.

Exact timings will vary slightly for each continent, but each day will start with a short mindfulness grounding followed by a check-in and teaching session of one hour.  There will be a session early in the afternoon to pick up on ideas which have come from the morning and extend the topic of the day.  This will also last for an hour and will be followed by individual half-hour sessions with Simon for anyone who wants some personal space.  The day will close with a half-hour themed meditation.

Sessions will be conducted from different parts of the Centre and for at least one, weather permitting, Simon will walk up into a mountain location where we can benefit from the view and the live sounds of the natural surroundings.

As with all our retreats, we do our best to match the particular interests of participants, so nothing is set in stone and you will be free to express your own ideas, but here's an indication of the topics which will form the framework:
  • Basic Mindfulness - inside, outside and thinkingBlue_room
  • Breathing channel and our Clear Space
  • Seeing, yes, but really listening
  • Mindfulness as receiving and manifesting
  • Relating: I-It and I-Thou
  • Living as flow; Self as process
Whatever your experience (or none) with music, mindfulness or meditation, musicking mindfulness will add to your practice, your way of being, and how you go about your everyday life.  Musicking mindfulness goes beyond... we are no longer only receivers, we become givers... living mindfully, truly aware of what is around us, but not just taking in - exchanging, relating, sharing, improvising too... because living is meeting and listening and being all of who we are.

If you have the time and inclination - but there's no obligation - a good preparation for this retreat is to read Simon's book "just BE here - a guide to Musicking Mindfulness", which is available on Amazon or from ourselves using this link
When you have booked, either by contacting us (by phone or email) or via our direct card payment link, we will give you exact timings of the sessions which apply to your chosen time zone and a link for the first session.

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