Retreats 2022-Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

Retreats 2022 and onwards

Dear Traveller

We are changing the way we offer our space for retreats this year, so that you, as the individual traveller, perhaps with a friend, or perhaps on your own, can create your experience in the way you want it.

. . . comfort and wilderness
We have a wonderful location, on the edge of the forest in the foothills of the mountains, which you can use as your own… ample comfortable accommodation in a self-contained and private gîte arrangement
within a setting which also provides outdoor space and a covered platform for meditation, yoga, reading, writing, reflection… even sleeping if you wanted a truly nocturnal experience.

. . . space to yourself
The setting is ideal for an individual retreat, whether you are simply looking for escape, or have in mind a writing retreat, a study retreat,  meditation or walking… whether you came to broaden your vision, open up to new experience, or deepen your faith, you can find the peace and inspiration here.  If you wanted to come with a friend, you could also do that: the accommodation has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a mezzanine, a lounge and a kitchen.  And there will be no-one else in your space.

. . . forging a path
I have been providing counselling and therapy for almost 40 years, as well as giving teaching in meditation and relationship.  I no longer charge for the time I spend with people, but I would be around for informal guidance or help, if that was what you wanted.  Or we will leave you completely alone, if you are looking to
do your own silent retreat.
. . .
The accommodation is fully self-catering, but if you were not planning to come with a car, we would shop for your initial groceries and have them ready for you when you arrive, then offer you a trip to a local market for re-provisioning.

The full cost for 5 nights is €250 and this can be extended on a pro-rata basis.  We will provide transfers from Toulouse or Carcassonne (air or rail) at a charge of €35 each way, or you can hire a car at either point from €300 for 6 days - we are approximately 95km from each with a driving time of 75 minutes.
. . .
You are welcome to call and talk about what you are looking for and together we will see whether Le Sentier Tranquille is a match for you.

Thank you for your time.  We hope to see you soon.

Simon Cole